The two notes are trafficked to India and why? Learn the real mystery !!


Shortly after the India-Bangladesh border at the time of the kidnapping of two Bangladeshi taka note was recovered. Benapole land port in Jessore this month, two steps from the two dollar note caught a big shipment. In the meantime, two Indian nationals were caught involved in this trafficking. However, many remember the question arises why the two dollar note in such demand? The Indians do with this note?


Detectives say the two notes to the popular Indian madakasebidera. Yaba sebira took note of this with the drugs. Benapole port police chief Hasan’s wonderful, “the BBC said the two mesh at the India rupee notes were taken. We suspect these notes or Yaba, where heroin use is falling. ”

They said quoting police, with the money of new pipes made note that heroin use and drug addicts tablets. Many packet of cigarettes, pipes made of silver tinsel paper used. However, in India, the two most popular notes.


However, the nogulo coraipatha and in some cases international border check posts were found to be trafficked to India through the neighboring countries. Then they sold in India is Rs 5 per note. The new two-dollar notes, on the one hand and on the other hand, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Shaheed Minar picture countenance. National bird wagtail can be seen on one side of the old notes.