The use of coconut oil in skin care!


Praise for the health benefits of coconut oil. And this is why it is found in almost all of the residence. Remedial coconut oil, detergent ingredients ayantibyakateriyala and there are many benefits for the skin. Expensive and often ineffective use of coconut oil as a beauty product that is safe and easily accessible for anyone. If you’re going to assume that the use of coconut oil on skin care.

1. As detergent: klinjare strong market for facial soaps and alcohol, which is needed for the chemical elements and the normal skin to remove oil. As a result, the skin produces more oil. For this reason, the skin of acne and skin problems like chidragulo are made to be shut down. Perfect for any kind of detergent to clean the skin acts as coconut oil. All kinds of skin and remove dirt and heavy makeup can of coconut oil.

II. As a waterproof makeup remover: Waterproof mascara and eyeliners to be the most painful thing away. Waterproof makeup remover, and the prices are very expensive and does not work properly compared. But coconut oil helps to easily remove the glue and stubborn mekaapake. As well as the skin and eyes stay moist paparike karecokhera paparite coconut oil rubbed gently massage a few seconds. Then wash it with warm water.

3. As moisturizers: coconut oil, the skin itself can mayescaraija nice way. Another oil, lotion, cream or mixed with Essential oil can be used. It helps to be any kind of mayescaraija tbakakei. However, you must understand what you need for your skin to what extent. Aragana for oily skin or mixed with olive oil must be used.