The woman opened the door and gave the jump aircraft moving!


Colombia’s tragic plane crash on Tuesday morning news shocked the world. Phutabaladera passengers killed in the accident and the death of the Brazilian people have venerated.

Colombian plane crash on Monday afternoon before the American hausastone same could happen.

New aralyanso a passenger plane from the airport runway has only hausastona.

But one woman passenger on board the aircraft before the plane completely stopped, jumped out and opened the door. However, with a little bit of speed because of the accident did not happen at all.

The woman was taken aback, but his impression on the land, including the Airport Authority have followed. The woman received injuries due to the jump.

But it is not too serious. The woman was beside phreidamyana Hampton, one of the passengers.

He saw a sudden the door opened and the woman gave it to the jump. Hampton has posted a video of the open door.

Why would such a thing without sudden the woman police are looking into it. However, no complaint has been registered against him. His identity was not brought up even before.