The words were shocked shame Shrabanti??


Dhaka, Calcutta was a shame the film actress Shrabanti King was shocked to hear about. Shrabanti who spoke? The hall was full of people samanee sakiba Khan shame!

The evidence came srabanti co-production film premiere at sikarira. It was there, as well as various film maharera joke. Someone asked srabantike rasakatara the sidelines, Shakib Khan looks?

Asked Shrabanti, “He is the King Khan. Very beautiful to see. Gentle appears. The more I see of her fans are going to be! ‘

In the meantime, he was standing next to and fro Shrabanti Shakib Khan. At that time, he heard the words of Shrabanti was a little shy. However, the same Shakib Khan, he said, “the most popular heroine in Kolkata Shrabanti. Very nice to see. Talented artist. It feels good to stand next to him. “

Meanwhile, sikarira was shocked to Calcutta to work. In the meantime, he said, “you can cook like Shrabanti, I did not know. 11 March’m going to Calcutta. The shooting did not want to eat. Shrabanti want to eat the food cooked in the hand during the shooting. ”

Shakib Khan Shrabanti to everyone who heard it said, ‘I agree. Cooked food in my shooting hand, the ‘King khanake feed. “