The world’s most expensive car, the price will be the eyes and ears!

Prior to the fair, or maybe heard a lot of things, but I hear the new bike fair! The fair will be some dazzling bikes or maybe you’ve ever seen before. However, this will be malati Arab Emirates. The bikes will be presented with the bikes flyers in their collections.

Indeed, each design and color splash. Phestibhale 500 016 This bike biker bikes with their remarkable collections will participate in the fair. This will be phestibhale all bikes, which are not usually seen. United Arab Emirates bikes that will be fair,

much of it designed bikes. This means the structure, beauty, style, entirely independent. With one another, can not be found in any of the matches.

The terms of prices beyond marsidijake. 7 million dinars, which is the price of Bangladeshi Taka 14 crore. This is a bike that will phestibhale.