The YouTube videos can be viewed without an Internet connection.


Watch YouTube videos offline without an Internet connection is going to be launched in India.
‘Smart Offline “feature,

the user specifies the desired video will be downloaded later without an Internet connection, which can be viewed safely. According to technology news website The bharja.

Internet costs than many other countries in the world, is quite expensive. However, the mobile service provider gives access to Internet data aphapika hours or a little after midnight. And these opportunities to their offline service YouTube has launched in India.
Smart offline midnight,

low-cost data using the user’s preferred pack will download all the videos smartphone. Then watch the video, and data will need to spend.
Smart offline under the first phase of the organization’s two mobile operators can be used. India’s most widely used

Airtel and ranked eighth in the list of Telenor launches Smart offline services to their clients. YouTube, however, said they did not want to be stuck on these two networks, in the future the list will be long.