There are gas cylinders in the kitchen? Read the news of the??


46 LPG cylinders in the kitchen is all about. This is the greatest risk of explosion of gas cylinders. This report is important to know the number of LPG cylinders.

How to Be careful out.

Why is LPG cylinder explosion? First, keep the good, anyway fire or high heat when it comes into contact with the cylinder, the gas cylinder explosion is likely. Very uccacape cylinder is filled with gas. In other words, it would be a very powerful explosion. But one thing to keep in mind as well. If security malfunction, do not agree about the possibility of an explosion.

Now the question how to take care of the kitchen, so that the cylinder can reduce the possibility of an explosion? Some remained below paramarsa

1. Take a look in the first place, abhena between the pipes and the cylinder is fitted correctly.

II. The pipes are not to be lost somewhere, and take a look at it. There was little change anyway.

3. No material around the cylinder, which can be spread by a major fire, do not remember.

4. Cylinder “neo” whether the gas leak, regularly check.

5. Cylinder “neo” is rotating at a gas berocche, take a look at. If it comes up a little, no problem. That has put pressure gas cylinders, and such a small normal. But a little more if you have to be careful.

6. During cooking gas berocche whether stay tuned.

7. Make the check at the time of delivery of gas cylinders inside the washer.

8. Do not put anything heavy on top of the cylinder.