There is still the opportunity to become President Clinton ??

United had won the popular vote in the presidential election defeat Hillary Clinton. Despite the success of their stronghold was behind the byatalagraunde rival Donald Trump.

The erosion rate in America is playing its tune. First announced to withdraw from the US state of California. Clinton won the state. California public demands, his aspirations have nothing in common with the other angarajyegulora. Therefore, they will be out of America.

The protest has spread to other angarajyaguliteo California. Clinton supporters said they trampake no president can not accept.

Naturally, she did not get into less trouble than losing supporters. At that rate, he will be pain for a long time. However, he urged supporters to accept trampake.

America’s influential media, the New York Post reported on Thursday, US President Clinton did not end at all likely to be. Yet in a way he can enter the White House as President. What is the way?

He’s quite a complicated way. In this manner, but very little in the way of the American president was elected. According to the Constitution of the American College of ilektarala ilektararai real voters who elected the US presidential elections.

December 19 this year, the respective states to vote for the presidential election. This particular one is obliged to vote. These have been combined ilektarara anyone can put in the seat of President Clinton.