There is the capital of the country!


All the nations of the world have a capital. Thakekintu the country’s administrative activities conducted from the country’s capital, there is no!

Nauru’s name. Another name plijyanta Island. Identity name. Scenic view cokhajurano. This is the only country in the world, there is no official capital. The third smallest country in the world in terms of volume. The second smallest in terms of population.

Nauru is one China and the United States under the control of the islands. To other countries surrounding Japan, Australia or New Zealand.

Population and people: 8 thousand people live in 13 square miles of the island. The main religion is Christianity, but they are divided into two nations. One ‘Micronesia’ and the other ‘Polynesia’. Nauruyana 58 percent of the population. Other Pacific Islander 6 percent. Chinese and European descent, and 8 percent respectively.


English is widely introduced. Nauruyana official language. Nauru, the world’s most fat people. More than 90 percent of obese adults more than enough. The world’s highest rate of diabetes in the country. Now the West is seen to simulate the behavior of life. Education remains underdeveloped.