“These are people starving millions of his own money to go;


Mobile phones are earning money through a cycle of counterfeit fraud. They are working for a long time to change strategy. Reward Prize award won or phone company as well as old customers of the company’s customers from a variety of tactics to collect money in the cycle. Before the award in respect of registration or communication from one to three thousand rupees to buy any number of talk time to talk to the gang extorted money. Account won five thousand dollars in cash at the moment to develop this mobile phone (01815515506) nambaratira owner. Awards will be given five thousand dollars to come in the next 4 hours. Please contact immediately before the 01850866236 number.


Monday afternoon pretending to develop a customer service cell phone call to get the ksudebartasaha kajiyatala Muradnagar upazila village grocer said. Faruk Hossain. The same number came from 10pm Farooq cell phone text messages to another 6 minutes. When contacted, the minister sought to develop 01850866236 nambaratite account number and account PIN. He still did not understand Farooq being deceived.

The ksudebartaya said, ‘If you want to make sure your rewards right away five thousand dollars, 14 thousand 500 in the number 01777-753758, 01797617522, and 01850866236 number 10 to number 10 of the contact of the money sent. Then your reward will be given to the development of the money and all the facilities.

According to send money to develop the helpline at 11pm contacted customer service, customer service officer, said such a cycle across the country the number of text messages and phone calls, he said. This is fraud. Internet ID and the number of cheaters from sending these text messages and calls. If you fall into the trap of these customers will be deceived. We have to be aware of the customers’ request.

Farooq said the victims, saying to him, 14 of the 500 awards were claimed. And if he can verify that the gang abused him. After the phone number and could not be found. The customer further alleged that, in some ways cheaters collect customer information presented in such a manner so that it seems plausible to them.


Asked about the muradnagar OC Mizanur Rahman said, he heard a few instances of this kind. He probably pratarakacakrati Account merchants to develop cell-phone number for a trap to collect the prize. The opposite of knowing details about them to blackmail them. He also received a written complaint in the matter. Police are trying to identify the culprits.