These websites can be opened 3 years in jail ??


Thousands of porn sites and torrent sites are already banned almost all the centers. Not only is forbidden,

by mistake, he opened the website may be tempted to press the government on behalf of the 3-year prison have been informed. Maybe with a compensation of Rs 3 lakh. Online fraud,

child porn images in a variety of key torrent movie download websites to prevent cyber crime, such as surveillance of the Modi government has been strong. The Copyright Act of 1957 caught 63, 63-A,

section 65 and 65 of the accused will be convicted. In August of 015, 857 T parnasaita is prohibited. With 170 centers such as the controversial website has been banned. Escort service that allows more than 00 websites have been banned from the center of the current year.

Open by mistake at all in danger at any moment can read. So it’s too early to know any websites that do leg defeat.