This guy is crazy in love with God?

Who is this man? Everyone cinachena him? Flaming sun. Everyone is busy with cricket. Are responding to the call on the sidelines of his prayers. Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi great mercy of God mad.

The money means nothing to him, the game could be moved to worship. A much respected player in world cricket

He said. Rangpur Riders currently playing in the BPL.

Afridi does not play cricket team that plays with heart flying. Plays for the team. Bangladesh went through behavior omarasaha Javed has impressed everyone.

Javed Omar in his praise, saying that he does not think Afridi of Pakistan. Is our brother. Our country. He is very sociable man. He has developed quite a relationship with us.

However, there’s a lot of people neglect to pray for Pakistan cricketers are regular prayers. This is an ideal player for the burning of the Muslim players.