This man wants to destroy the “world”!


The climate is changing constantly. But the truth of the United States Environmental Protection Agency chief skeptic person is going to give the newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump. Some say, if the person can literally destroy the world.

Triumph Oklahoma Attorney General Scott prutake the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has chosen as the next administrator. Scott tried to destroy the organization in the past. He is also skeptical about climate change.

Earlier this year, Scott wrote in an article published in the National Review, the global warming debate “has not yet decided.” He claimed that the degree of global warming and human scientists still do not agree with the connection.

But NASA’s data, 97 percent of the world’s climate scientists agree that the planet is getting hotter and burning fossil fuels is the main reason. The warmest years in history in the last 1 year 016 salasaha 10 years.

Studies of Greenland Ice Sheet melting ayantarkatikara. The world’s sea level has risen about seven inches over the last century.

Bernie Sanders criticized the hiring. He said, as opposed to the global fight to prevent climate change, not just skatai record, do the country more dependent on fossil jbalanisilpera are working closely with. But the group says Triumph, Scott’s “good record” is.

Trump Tower on Wednesday evening after leaving to pick prutake Scott Conway confirmed. He said, “We are very accustomed to the cynical and critical.” He added, “Attorney General Scott prutera qualification and have a good record …. We are waiting to hear of his employment there. “