This patai jene cure asthma patients choose the way of usage rules

Plants pages many of us ignore. But these plants have many different benefits.

Asthma is a disease that diseases such drugs are more effective than Akhand page. People with asthma and respiratory diseases on the rural use Akhand.

According to sibakali ayurbedarya bhattracaryera, will take part in 14 Akhand square in the middle of the flower.

1 1 T rose pepper along with the pills will make a fortune. 1 pill every morning with water to relieve asthma.

Medication time as this diet is to eat only rice milk. The shortness of breath can be cut. Powdered root bark of the tree Akhand sukhiye Akand and overlay them with glue and set it up like a smoke ring cigarette to ease asthma. In addition to asthma and other qualities of the leaf Akhand