This phone will charge once for 38 days, with the Geo SIM Free!


Once the charge is 38 days after the no-charging ‘guarantee. SIM Free Geo due to overhead. Ayasusa’s new smartphone market is now hot. That is more than the price of the phone. Ordinary people in control.

Smartphones now traverses the hands of eight to eighty. And those who use their smartphones, their biggest problem is the battery. How long will charge a smartphone usage for the net, it’s a headache. The smartphone market has brought this problem ayasusa samadhanei.

On behalf of the company has been notified, in the name of Max jenaphona around 38 days of standby time. Once the full 38 days will be charged. Battery capacity 5000 mAh. Erasange overhead due to the free GO-SIM.


However, limited offer. The price of the phone is only 9000 rupees to 16,000 rupees.