This structure will tell you how your personality thumb !!


Within the structure of your thumb and your destiny lies in your personality. What kind? It is said, is the flexibility of your thumb, if the test shows what your personality type. How to do this test?



Any of your thumb on the first day of relax. Place the tip of the thumb over the bar with the other hand rotate a circle. If unobtrusive way to the finger is rotated, and if thelale Place the tip of the thumb dagatike back bends backwards, it should be understood flexible in your thumb.


And if you can not rotate the thumb relaxed way, not backwards Place the tip of the fork, the rigid finger to your thumb. Take a look at the bar, both of which indicate the thumb of your destiny and personality.

1. If you are flexible with your thumb: If you easily can adapt to changing circumstances. Anxiety or excitement overcomes you can not offhand. Are you able to easily win the hearts of the people. Danger-apade your acquaintances about that will make your hand you can be assured, and with the help of them you can easily reach the peak of success. Cost-cost open-hearted about.



II. If your thumb is rigid: If you are conservative and gopanatapriya nature. Offhand can not accept other people’s advice or help. Are you ready to meet their own goals to sweat in the head. And that’s why a lot of friends to the ‘stubborn’ called. Very simply can not take the life of your religion. Any kind of injury to temporarily subdue him, but his mental strength to strength overcame the situation.