Three earthquakes cow trap!!


Dbipadesa a strong earthquake struck New Zealand on Monday. 7 percent to 8 magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale killed at least two people. The violence of the earthquake and landslides kayakura three cows were trapped on the island.


A relatively high part of the island after a landslide on the grass to be seen. New York Press The Associated Press-epira footage has emerged of the three cows helpless pathetic scene.

Footage of two adults and three cows. The other calf. They are trapped in isolated territory landslide. Next to the canyon. Who is the owner of the cows on their rescue was not immediately clear whether any steps are being taken.


New Zealand was one of the devastating earthquake that killed at least 185 011 people. The country has yet to recover from the shock. However, far less than the amount of the damage in Monday’s earthquake.

The number of cattle than people in New Zealand. There are nearly one million cattle population of 47 million.

Clarence is one of the longest rivers in South Island after the earthquake collapsed dam. Throng the banks of the river water in the region. Local residents have been advised to take shelter immediately the area