Tiles care home !!


Tiles of the beauty of the house. Than ordinary concrete floor or mosaic floor tiles and many more savings, safe and attractive. So today all over the tiles used.



Many people have complained about, but the tiles keep clean. Or soon becomes dirty tiles. Please note that in some way to keep the tiles clean.

The biggest advantage of the mosaic floor tiles reddish stains do not fall. However, this will erase the room with water every day.

Tiled corner is usually the accumulation of dirt. If you do not clean every day becomes dark corners. So after a few days in the water, rub with detergent foam mix to clean the tiles.

No accumulation of water on the tiles can not be given. The tiles can be too slippery, which is very dangerous for mobility. The corner of the dirty water will quickly jamale.

Put the tiles in the kitchen separate. If the dirt is more rannagharei the tiles.

Oils, fats, lemon juice or spots of adhesive may fall if something like tailase. If so, they are nowhere to take clean with soap or anything else.



Syabhalana around the house once a week mixed with some kind of floor tiles or clean. Delete wall tiles with a dry cotton cloth.

Taking care of your home will survive long enough tiles.