To avoid heart disease, Dr. Devi Shetty some great advice !!


Doctors in India Devi Shetty. However, one of the world’s top 10 tinibanladeseo he is a surgeon. Shetty is only 5 km away from the Indian state of Karnataka, Bangalore is one of the major hospitals in the world narayana hrdayalaya hospital.

Q: How People with heart disease who are not on the specialist can take care of?
Devi Shetty:

1. Be aware about food. Eat less sugar and fatty foods. The amount of protein should be increased.
II. At least five days a week for half an hour to walk. Ride the elevator to avoid. You can not stay too long at a stretch.
3. To quit smoking.
4. To keep weight under control.
5. And the amount of sugar in blood pressure control.

Q: leafy, who is not a meal (such as fish) are beneficial for the heart to eat?