To charge by phone from the phone guide!


Phone charges are almost all more or less in danger. Charger is available everywhere now. Many banks took power. However, if you do not have Which two? When you have a full charge can charge your phone from your mobile phone.


First, do not know what lagabe

1. A full charge the phone
II. A OTG cable
3. A USB cable
4. Another of low charges (will be charged intuitive)
Task Method
Phulacarja OTG cable connected to the phone and insert. OTG cable, then connect the USB cable.



Insert the USB cable go low on charge. Now the bank is working on how your phone is full charge. In other words, wherever you go, keep an OTG cable and a USB cable. At the moment of extreme danger pay little friends, acquaintances or strangers from one another, you can go to get a full charge the phone.