To go abroad? They refer to a worm into their heads to go abroad.


Head of foreign insects into coming, bless those who are hoping to broker nectar word should go abroad or do you think it will be a process. Stop telling them a little. Think before you go abroad to earn money to be able to deal with these pressures? Otherwise, you will be abroad, but also eat fruit and another.


So let’s brooding over the country. How long will the legally guaranteed it. Especially parents, I do not think just asantitei not be sent abroad to write to the child, the child’s life will lose valuable bayasaguloo. Golden youth will be burned to ashes. That is, the vast majority of Malaysian workers today feel the bones automatically pacche what he said.

So tell everyone, good or bad, that’s no lie bhisatei Do not let temptation or provocation on the wrong foot. Maybe he will pay for the mistakes of his life. External pressures below if you have not, maybe you can be successful.



Otherwise, before you know what balabena aitama. So told. I was impressed with the meta proposition to the broker nectar. But for your sake as much as much as I gave. The choice is yours. Do not listen to me, listen to what you think the broker.

Share welfare of the people all of the text. If you share a man could escape from danger. # Gautam Roy