To remove dark circles kanasilarera magic!


Only the foundation of the black spots on the face, the dark circles under the eyes can not be completely hidden. Moreover, party make-up make-up, if you have flooded the black spots on the face, that is bad. There are acne skin with spots or black holes or tears come down, they will have to use kansilara.

Facial makeup to look natural and can be used for two kansilara. A skin color one shade of bright yellow or orange color and a kansilara. We know that a neutral black color is orange color. Many people use the kansilara. Before anyone Foundation, the Foundation for others to use later. How does that aramadabodha, not as.

Let’s see how the dark circles under the eyes and mouth with black spots away kansilara –

Step 1

I do kansilara after the foundation. The first full-face foundation with a foundation brush will. Do not blend well.

Step Two

If there is a pellet kansilara orange or yellow color of there skin under the eyes and around the handle of character.

Step 3

Then the finger will blend with the light slowly kansilara. Kansilara finger to brush under the eyes give the better.