To see new models such as Bajaj palsar!!


Should free flow speed in the world market a new pulsar could be your first choice of 00 ns. The new bike has come on the market in India in the coming week. Take a look at the photos of his new bike.

The new bike has some cosmetic updates. Sources BS-IV engine of the bike Bajaj Auto can be used. 200-NS LED lights in the new pulsar cluster will hedalyampa. With a brand new body graphics, tanks on the ’00’ number will shine. Blue, Gray and Black-Red-Gray, now coming to the market this three-color model. However, dealers at a conference in Turkey was a white-gray model publicly.

The new pulsar SS-200 at 199.5 cc single-cylinder engine with the triple spark technology already exists giyarabaksa .6 speed, fuel injections can be heard on the new bike. In addition, driver safety, single-channel Anti-lock Braking will be keeping system or ABS.

The RS-200, which is also seen in the pulsar. Bike will go on sale in February. TVS Apache bike when the market aratiara 200 V or 4 to 200 will be competing Duke appears.