Today’s jokes: in love with the maid


In love with the maid

Madam: You know the maid, I doubt I will take Mr.
Maid: Why, what happened happened?
Madam: No, I think you are going to love somebody else’s.
Maid: Oh sister. Con same. Mr. can not deceive me. This perema worship me!


Get out on the road
Gahine a lion lying on the road in the midst of the forest. He went to see it, too afraid to ask him rang a fox
Fox: Sir, that you regret it lying in the sun majharastaya?
Leo: What’s wrong hai’m lying! Shot. So do not get.
Fox: I’d be lying to say that the road is your father! Get out on the road.


Why not jump
One day, one doctor and three crazy madhouse was testing to see progress. If you can not pass the exam, and if you do not need to be blocked for more than two years. Three doctors with a waterless swimming pool to jump in front of him.

The first jump with the crazy legs broke.
According to the doctor pagalatio broke his hand in the second jump.
The third was not mad at all willing to jump.

Doctors shouting rushes up
Doctors: Hey, you’re perfectly healthy. I will today release. Tell me why you did not jump? Third Rails: I do not know how to swim.