Toothbrush, bed sheets, towels How frequently switch!


Toothbrush, bed sheets, toyale essentials, basic things can be used in a variety of diseases. After the repeated use of these germs and become unfit for use.
Toothbrush –


Tuthabrase is usually 10 million germs. The bacteria and the virus responsible for the flu. Even the hepatitis C virus can be found inside the toothbrush. Therefore, do not use another one never brush.

Analysts said the toothbrush should be changed every three months. Brasake be cleaned thoroughly after each use. He will be dry. The brush should be used to save lidded Cabinet. ”

Experts also said, “A month in a row with a brush to clean a dishwasher. Boil for five minutes in hot water. Then use.

Towels –
Mrtakosa bath towel to absorb and absorb the body’s natural bacteria. Bacteria grow damp towel. Towels used other means to make one of these viruses, bacteria spread to other body. After three towels need to be cleaned.


Sheet –
Mrtakosa the human body, the bacteria, the body is the accumulation of dirt in the blanket. It can create allergic reactions in the body. These sheets should be cleaned every week to get rid of the problem. Analysts also said the light-blowy destroy germ cells. “So open the windows of the house in the morning every day to keep a good coat.