Touch Screen Smartphone, the battery needs to be charged!


Great way to increase the battery life of the smartphone. Just touch the screen or scroll your smartphone. Then you can increase the battery life of your phone. Such technology is just one of the researchers at the discovery. Not just smartphone screen to scroll. You can charge the battery without having to touch and feel the difference.

Pennsylvania State University scientists claim they have created a device that is made with organic polymers. Mechanical Energy generated when the touch preserved by the transformation. Ionic diode device has been named. As the battery is ilekatrodasa ayanapurna two tow.

When using this device, the phone, the battery is always charged at 40 per cent. Never completely come to an end can not be charged to your phone. What? When you touch the phone screen. Likyuida ions can be spread through the screen.


Current will be created. Maikrooyate which will become a charged battery. This whole process will take time to just 10 seconds.