Twenty two international terrorism Index ranked Bangladesh !!


The increased risk of terrorism. 2015 in the last half decade, the terrorist attacks in the country. International terrorism has emerged as a result of the name at the top of the index. In the 5 th position in the country’s 2015 index.
Now it is up two ranks. International terrorism publishes the index sidanibhittika Australian Institute for Economics and Peace international research organization. Thus, the situation has been highlighted in the Index. For four years, the company has revealed. The report was published on Wednesday, November 16 index.

In 2015 terrorist attacks took place around the world on the basis of this report have been made. 10 points at the top with 96 points in 9 percent of Iraq. 20 percent last year, the terrorist attacks that occurred in the war-torn country.

The rest of the countries are respectively the top drag Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, India, Egypt and Libya. The attack took place around the world that its monetary value of the equivalent of $ 8 thousand 960 crore.