Two Do not work the first day of employment forgotten ??


    The title may anetei ’employment pelema would not comment. In fact, you may be today, tomorrow you may be unemployed, but if Allah will get a good job.

    So when you guys get a job, the job was a mistake at the first few days. As a result, many of the mistakes that are hard to progress his career.

    Among the things that can ruin your image

    1. Late to work the first day to work should not be delayed in any way.

    If possible, arrive at the office before office hours. Pauchabena late at the office, it will spoil the image of your boss and your colleagues.

    So, out of office before the first day was a little bit of home.

    II. Regardless of being: a lot of people in the early days of Job

    Will be met, to learn something new. It may not always be able to pay attention to every word. But try to pay attention.