Under four million mobile banking customers


Reading in the direction of the central bank’s surveillance 4 million mobile banking customers. Last January 11, the central bank issued a new mobile banking. After that concerned with the adverse impact of mobile banking.



The Bangladesh Association on behalf of mobile phone subscribers has been very critical of the central bank’s direction. According to the organization, the Bangladesh Bank to impose surveillance on customers that proper notification has been issued.

Because, if a customer wants to smuggle the money bill or not. Agents are required to cooperate. Bangladesh Bank should the customer does not provide guidance on the organization and the mobile banking agents to increase their surveillance.

According to the Central Bank, as a person and a maximum of Rs 15 lakh to a maximum of one month can be deposited. In this case, a maximum of twice a day, and can be deposited in 20 times. However, more than five thousand dollar deposit or withdrawal must be shown to the customer’s identity card or a photocopy of smartcards and ID number of the agent to be recorded. As well as cash withdrawal limit has been reduced. The new direction, and the maximum amount of 10 thousand to 50 thousand rupees per month has been the opportunity to withdraw. In this case, the maximum dubare and were given the opportunity to withdraw the money 10 times.


As well as a five thousand dollar cash deposits of more than 4 hours to withdraw money can not be said. According to the notification of the central bank, a fast-growing mobile banking service, which has been a huge success in a short time all walks of life. But some unscrupulous individuals that are alleged abuse of the service, which is harmful for the country and the nation. Mobile banking institutions involved in the whole country, there are currently 3 million to 96 million subscribers. There are agents out of the 6 millions. 1 lakh 65 thousand for the development of most agents.