United States citizenship shut !!


Donald Trump’s new one within a few days after the US government took off citizenship. However, the US government’s decision will remain in force indefinitely.

The decision whether Donald Trump, it is not yet confirmed. However, the report said, ephibiaiyera “Name Check the name of a citizenship naturalization process has been stopped temporarily due to sistemajanita.

The complexities of the FBI last week. Check the name of the person applying for US citizenship, a process to review the past. The applicant’s history, its relations with other countries, etc., are considered.

The US government has stopped accepting applications from interested persons. As a result, the new one can not anymore now. US immigration officials have been given the instruction.

You can also apply for US citizenship or relaxed application will be accepted, on behalf of the US government did not say anything. The idea is to adopt a new citizenship applications may take a few weeks or a few months.