Uranium Thorium is a mineral found in the Bay of Bengal klesaha


    The shallow and deep ocean beneath the precious mineral resources found there. These include uranium and thorium.


    Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry sources said. And a huge amount of shallow sea ‘kle the search matched. This is one of the raw materials for making cement. In addition, the heavy mineral sand found in the Bay of Bengal 13. Ilamenaita in the sand, garnet, silimanaita, zircon, rutile and myaganetaitasamrddha. Blue Economy and the blue of the sea-related economy, the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources said recently, according to a report.

    India and Myanmar in 01 of 2014 in July after a dispute with Bangladesh over one lakh 18 thousand 813 square kilometers of sea areas (Territorial Sea), the 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone and 354 nautical miles from the Chittagong coast of the continental shelf beneath the animal and apranija has sovereign rights over resources.


    A large amount of the region’s fisheries and mineral resources ministry has asked the Prime Minister to investigate 19. Blue economy or economics is known as the blue sea in the exploration of mineral resources will be able to change the fate of the country overnight.