US Ambassador: Shatgumbad mosque blessing for the world !!


Cultural diversity patterns Shatgumbad mosque at Bagerhat blessing for the whole world. I am very happy to be here. “, Said US Ambassador Marsha Bernicat.

Shatgumbad Bagerhat museum after visiting the mosque and he said during a meeting with journalists on Thursday. Bernicat Marsha said, “is a traditional sign of Shatgumbad mosque. Shatgumbad one of the sthapanasilpera. The yadugharatio great. Everyone should come to see the course of this mosque. ”

He first visited the museum Shatgumbad. She Khan Jahan (s.) The history and traditions of various antiquities antiquity visited the memorial and museum visitors’ book, wrote his own comments. He went round the whole of the mosque Shatgumbad took photographs of various relics. He last visited the mosque next to the lake and horses.

USAID mission director in Bangladesh, were present at the US jenina merujelaski, USAID Deputy Director Thomas profit, Bagerhat Deputy Commissioner Tapan Kumar Biswas, the custodian of the Department of Archaeology pheradausasaha many slaves.