VIP customers to the restaurants they deceive


Several major restaurant tips with money in mind the number of people in order to eat less fat. But you know this very well renowned restaurant has been cheating on you with their different types of service. This innovative methods to deceive you know what? Let’s get to know you do not.



1) The restaurant’s menu is arranged in a trick. They are very expensive meal at the beginning of the list and then other foods, the following foods in your mind in order to arouse desire. For example, if the menu is written first and then the sea food 450-500 of 800 lobsters money, then you have to spend money on Sea Foods pechapa not be at all.

Ii) Unlimited Buffet restaurant is a fancy way of feeding is another hoax. Buffett will take a hefty cost you a lot more things to see, but 60% of the money you spent on your taste and will not be able to avenge.

3) have seen restaurant plates? Very expensive, especially any of the restaurant? So they sort of huge plates, but the food is so small that one udarapurti question does not arise. But these namidami POS labeled as such to continue their service restaurants.



4) When you eat at a restaurant waiter in the face of today’s special meal will be heard. This is nothing but a trick just to attract your attention.