Vitamin-A capsules to the country on Saturday


On the occasion, a press conference on Thursday at the Secretariat of Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malik said.

“The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Institute of Public Health Nutrition on 10 December to celebrate the National Vitamin A Plus Campaign. On this day, all children 6 to 11 months old in a blue vitamin-A capsules, and children aged 1 to 59 months will be a red-colored vitamin-A capsules. Children age 6 months when the mother’s milk is full of home-made children a balanced diet, as well as other nutrients khaoyanosaha message will be. ”

“We have night blindness caused by vitamin A capsules to children to protect them from ‘the minister added.

Zahid Malik, the vitamin A deficiency is night blindness disease rate below one percent. Campaign day from 8am to 4pm vaccination center will remain open. The children would come to the center on a full stomach. With scissors, cut inside the mouth of vitamin A capsules, liquid medications will be given chip. When the children cry when stressed or capsules that are not.

The state minister, permanent centers across the country in addition to the one million 0 0 of the campaign activities will be conducted through mobile stations.

In addition, Bus, launch, dock, bridge toll plaza, airports, railway stations, etc. where the mobile stations will Kheyaghat. Each center will be responsible for at least three trained volunteers minister said.

“The campaign in remote areas have been taken in order to succeed in the next four days.”