Walton LED TV prices lily


Messages left at the end of the autumn arrival of winter. With winter coming new year. In winter, covered international trade fair on the occasion of New Year and LED screens’ winter offer, Walton has announced the country’s electronics giant.


Factory production has decreased as a result of technological developments increases the cost of production. As a result, many have reduced the price of its own factory-made LED TV bisbamanasampanna Walton said. “Winter Offer” from the first day of December of this year under the various models of LED TV price has been reduced from 800 to 3,100 rupees.

Walton Television Marketing Department officials said, more than 50 models of LED TV production, and they are marketed. Walton brand 19-inch LED TV is now less than Rs 910 is being offered at 8.990. 1000 decreased by 20-inch LED TV, the match at 10,900. 4-inch LED television 800 less than the previous price of Rs 13,700. Rs 22000 lower than the previous 8-inch Walton LED TV is now available at 15.900.


The 3-inch LED TV prices fell by Rs 3,100. The current price of Rs 18.800. In addition, Walton, 39, 40, 43, 49 and 55-inch LED TV to consumers are respectively 30.900, 33.700, Rs 42900, Rs 57.900 and 70.900.