Walton Special for bachelor fridge !!


Walton on the market for a long time, ending experiments brings the refrigerator for bachelor! Thinking only about the bachelor has been made. Walton’s enthusiasm is not the end of the initiative after a long time. The refrigerator in the market so far, customers are encouraged to see that the vendors said.

A golden opportunity right now to buy a refrigerator for a bachelor. Because the trade fair went straight to the main gate of the south tower, just a little will go in front of a large pavilion of Walton.

There is a three-storey lift pyabhiliyanatite. Duitalaya on the ground floor and the top floor of the refrigerator, and a lot more mobile handsets pavilion is arranged in such products. However, consumers were more attracted to the refrigerator and washing machine. This is an opportunity for bachelor refrigerator where they are purchasing homes delibharisaha different types of gift items free.

Nor Walton Sales Officer raphiula janaya three models in the market to bring in 015 matches for the exhibition were given. After many experiments have been frozen by the two different designs. Safety a gross volume between the two models 5.5. Thirteen thousand nine hundred twenty-eight of the money will be worth one hundred thousand rupees.

However, the gross export volume of the refrigerators manufactured at the Quality Safety from 11.5 to 33 safety. Nine hundred fifty-seven thousand, which is the price of money.


In addition to these domestic brands of refrigerators, washing machines, however, the Walton is also the curiosity of consumers. Wash your clothes will hit the cloth on the machine. Seven kg clothes can be washed, the price of the machine is a twenty-four thousand five hundred rupees. And the price is twenty-eight kg of clothes washing machine for the money.