We will know how much your body will solve the problem?


Neck and back pain, constant companion? Badahajame body wasted? Always tirikki mood? Why is not getting incomprehensible? Bedroom habits could change everything.



Fear of sleep, sleep or fear? Anyway, I asleep? Solid 7-8 hours? Or sleep out of life before the modern lifestyle? Night work. Sneak peek on the social media. Indeed danger is clear. We are told. How is death still remains. However, a question may rise. Ghumobena, but how? The bedroom can be guilty of bad body.

See how we ghumoi.

Phoyetasa. On the back side, folded around the chest to the knees. Cling pillow.

Log. The back side of the legs straight. Hands down.

Iyarnara. The back side of the legs straight. Spreading his hands.

Soldier. Was voted, straight legs. Hand side.


Phriphalara. Down, legs spread wide. His hands on her pillow.

Staraphisa. Was voted, hand-foot spread.