Well of grace ‘Zamzam’, which scientists say !!


This is a well located inside the Holy Mosque in Mecca majama well. It Kaba 0 m (66 ft) away. According to Islam, the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), his wife Hagar (ii), and sons Ismail (peace be upon him), who left the desert after Ismail (peace be upon him) is the creation of foot injuries. They drink water from the Sacred Mosque.

One of the great monuments of the creator of the well of Zamzam. What is surprising since the creation of the well water was exhausted for a moment or was dry. Zamzam well is so far unique in the world.

The only exception to this is at the drinking water Sunnah circumcision Zamzam water to drink standing. We all know more or less well, yet do not know the history of creation.

Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Allah’s command to his second wife, Hagar the Prophet (peace be upon him.) Children’s Prophet isamailasaha (ii.), Was exiled in the desert of Arabia. While the child Ishmael (peace be upon him.) Of water heated sandy desert in search of water for thirsty Hagar the Prophet Safa and Marwa seven times in the bustle. The water was not anywhere she came back to see her son with her little baby feet, where water flows have been created. And that well of Zamzam.

According to another narration, the children of Ishmael (peace be upon him.) Allah, his angels cry of the Prophet saw Gabriel (ii.) Sent. Gabriel came to his feet with a water fountain was created.