What are “eating coriander? Be careful if you want to live!


Fun food in a variety of everyday use coriander flavor dishes and flavors for a change. Some of these delicious dishes, but has never imagine what might have side effects?



Indian media has reported numerous medicinal properties, but the food has a lot of side effects; Which can make our bodies sick day by day.

Liver damage:

This badly affects the efficiency of the liver is playing extra coriander. This kind of plant oil on the affected limbs of the body away.
It is also a powerful anti-oxidant; I usually remove liver problems. However, the body harms the liver in the presence of extra dimensions.
If you see any of the things that men and women are weak mad to love!

Coriander leaf
Low blood pressure:

As a result of excessive intake of coriander destroy the health of the body, the heart, which leads to lower blood pressure. Experts recommend eating high blood pressure under control, the coriander.


Therefore, it is the emergence of low blood pressure may occur as a result of excessive intake. This light can also incite mathabyatharao.

Upset stomach:
Gastrointestinal problems are the usual coriander. But the problem is made more coriander hajamakriyaya enjoying the stomach.
Geche a one-week study of 00 ML rise coriander poor gas pain, stomach pain, stomach swelling, vomiting chance of being seen.