What are your kidneys? The test is easy to understand ??


When kidney bigaroba, there is no way of knowing in advance for any signs or understand. It is too late to catch up primarily due to the disease.


There is no risk of damaging the kidney, I mean, if someone in the family with diabetes or high blood pressure or kidney disease patients are age 60 or who’s been at least two occasions, two of them should be examined.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, ACR, and as GFR- karalei two simple tests can detect whether your kidneys are working properly.

1. Urine tests or ACR ACR: – the ratio of albumin and kriyetininera. This is a special type of protein albumin. Did not have albumin in the urine, it is examined. Protein is very important for our body. For that reason, the natural blood protein.

However, the protein in the urine should not be never. If the protein is found in urine tests, it means that the kidneys are unable to successfully chamkate blood. Urine protein test is positive, then you need to be sure that the NFR. If the result is positive over a period of three months or more, it is a sign of kidney disease.

II. GFR blood test to count: – kidney deterioration, creatinine, the waste products from the blood, it can not eject properly. However, the creatinine test is the first step. Glomerulara philatresana will see the rate or GFR. The result allows you to see a doctor to understand how the kidneys are working. So, when the kidneys no fear, not unnecessarily anxious, you can take the tests.