What do you do lose your smartphone, the young man took up documentary ..


Amsterdam came into the restaurant and then madhyahnabhoje twenty years, the name of Anthony van der Mir is a film school student. Within moments of his mummy iPhone and then disappear. He goes to the police station to complain. But it is not a solution. The thief then took the phone off the SIM card.

Every week, at least 300 mobile theft complaints to the Dutch police. Most of them can not be found.

But where are these phones? Who steals phones? Thousands of these questions were lingering on Anthony. He plans to lose another smartphone to answer the question yourself. He wanted to reach out directly to the phone includes a thief den.


And that was pre-installed on the phone, ‘Cerberus’, the name of an anti-thephta app. This app will not only identify the burglar accommodation, SIM-SIM and put in another saberai open to the whereabouts of the app.