What do you do when you blow into the mouth?


Our face is often red, like a small pit. This is the place where the pain and irritation. Gradually increase the intensity of the pain is part of the white color majahei resolves in 4-5 days. While it may seem like nothing. Since a few days can be cured, so it’s nothing to worry about.



There are different types of mouth sores. For example, minor epatasa ulcers, ulcers and harapetipharama Major epatasa epatasa ulcers.
Minor epatasa alasarah

10 8 janerai this occurs ulcers. This type of ulcer in the form of small, round, yellow to red, and is around. It goes away within 7 days. It can be from 1 pm to 5 pm in the mouth. Compared with less pain than other mouth ulcers.

Major epatasa alasarah


These ulcers are associated with pain are 1 in 10 people. Is much larger in size. It may have two weeks to 1 month. Fever is the body for pain to come, something that is difficult to eat. These ulcers are usually those who have less resistance to disease, Diabetes in the case of those who have seen it.