What happens if you shoot in space??


From the beginning of civilization and influence in self-defense weapon is being used. Human fights, shootings almost impossible to stop once and for all. However, the firing may be in the near future in space. Earth-like space to shoot, but the results would not be at all! Who will put pressure on the trigger of the gun into space, he will face a strange situation.

Earth and space shooting in the first difference is that, if the shot creates a powerful sound. But the noise will not be shot into space.

According to Newton’s third law of motion, gun shots fired with a gun coming out from the opposite reaction to the shot he threw, as opposed to just going out. This will be the speed of its response to the spill Let me give an example.

Wes Smith, a pistol and an AK-47 and a sample is taken. AK-47s out of the firing speed of 600 miles per hour, about 1 thousand. After the space shots from AK-47 and shot him churabena 068 miles per hour speed, as opposed to zero percent will go out.

The zero-point-five caliber pistol out of gunshot speeds of 330 miles per hour 1. That is, the speed of a bullet velocity of less than -47. But Smith and oyesanera bullets of AK-47 bullets weighs almost twice as much weight. So Smith and Wes shooting the shots from AK-47, that is twice the speed of 136 miles per hour, as opposed to the decimal to be read out. This speed is enough for half an hour circumnavigation in a football stadium.

However, whether that weapon, that space will be required for use in exceptional technique. In the absence of any preventive or space in an orbit around the fire shoots his pithei could be shot again!