What if the mole is found out the details.

It will increase the influence 1mathaya sesame |

Sesame great’ll be lucky if 2kapale |

3kapalera mole on the right side if you are fortunate and pious |

If you are employed abroad 4ekabhrute sesame |

Should be a beautiful woman bhrute 5dui sesame |

Should be rich and famous mole on the cheek 6dana |

If the mole on the cheek 7bama sorrow, adversity, to be needy |

If you are amateur and luxury 8uparera osthe sesame |

Without blushing, and will be rich no longer 9ye osthe |

If the sesame seeds into the hands of another man to death 10griba |

If a rich person to be able to cooperate with sesame 11skandhadese |

If you are the owner of wealth and many children in the middle of 12baksashalera sesame |

If the mole on the right side will be lifelong grief 13baksera |

Should be powerful 14pithe sesame |

If you are lucky to be able to sesame and palm 15hatera |

Should be promoted 16paye sesame |