What if the room is like a train? Design 1 million prize, and win …


He took a train? When the wagon train, how would you like? Indeed, it seems a lot of the time, you could design the room of the train, would you like? Now is the chance that the Indian Railways. Send designs.



Not only that, your design if you like it, you can win awards. Indian Railways announced great. He may not get the opportunity.

Surprised to hear the news, but the truth is. On behalf of the Indian Railways have been informed, willing to train people in the room design. For so many more people. Then send it. The best ideas will be rewarded with cash. 1 lakh prize money you can win.


How to participate in the competition for the design of the train compartment, all the information https://innovate.Mygov.In/. Contact this website. Tomorrow is the last day for submitting the design 0 December. So do not delay. Please hurry.