What is the length of the longest bridge in the world? Do you know how much time it took to build this bridge you do not believe it!

Water main and simple means to travel easily over the bridge. Usually give a short distance across the bridge is built. If the distance is too boats, trawlers, ferries, ships or launch cross is given. But this does not mean that a bridge can not remain much longer on the long river.

What is the length of the longest bridge in the world, you know? 165 km!
The bridge is the longest bridge in the world danaiyam kunasana grand. It is a part of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed reilaoyera. The bridge was opened in June 011.

About 165 km (1024 miles) long bridge took four years to create. 10 thousand workers were involved in building the bridge. The bridge cost 8.5 billion dollars to build.

Guinness World Records still occupy a place in the world’s longest bridge danaiyam kunasana Grand Bridge.