What is the main object fall from the sky ??


Thailand on November 10, a huge object fell from the sky. Paharabestita basantuti remote areas is unknown. There was a massive storm with it.

1 foot long cylindrical thing. 5 feet in diameter. Lone Khin village Jane Miner said. Many villagers had to wake up in the morning to the sound. Our study was deadly on the ground. No one was injured, however. Like the flying saucer flying object has been identified as anaaidentiphaida. Jane mining workers have abandoned the tent thing.

Dr. kaiyi The Myanmar Times said the mother of the village, our house shook after it has been read. At first I thought war had broken out.

It would seem at first glance to have any aircraft. Perhaps an engine. I saw her in copper. That has been the object tail. That said Maung Co Mayo village. It looks like a jet engine block.

Government officials, we are still unable to identify the object. However, experts are researching it. Facebook has been promoting its image. It iuephaora like. Or part of a commercial aircraft.