What is the secret of Facebook this sticker? Where the origin of this one! Do not know

Facebook has changed a lot in the last few months. Pryatapharma has upgraded itself in several ways. Facebook has recently introduced several new stickers user. Recently, one such being the world’s most popular social media uproar surrounding stikarake.

Facebook wall around a new sticker over the last week. Purple color. Like a lot of hand Thumb. What materially this sticker, do not understand it, neither.

According to the sticker name ‘dove trash. Sid uilara 016, an American artist painted this picture in September. The film is at the same time like you on Facebook. 017 In January, he made a series of dabha trash. Facebook has brought images of the stickers.
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Although Thailand is a Facebook page appeared in the first film. The film was a cat. At that time, the image noise in the cast. In just one week, more than 4 million people had seen the film.

However, many people are already on Facebook, this sticker has become irritating. Even many of Facebook’s appeal has to remove the stickers. However, positive or negative, but reserve the Facebook wall sticker.