What really has the ability to lighten skin color krimagulora fairness?


From an early age in a child’s family, relatives, neighbors and even parents from the neighborhood had heard that he was black. Although it is not directly say it was explained to him that iniye-biniye color of his skin or the color of the other brothers and sisters did not shine as to be a problem for him to marry. From an early age, and she began to think that ‘fair means beautiful. The desire to be fair the business takes capital krimagulo fairness.
But what really has the ability to lighten skin color krimagulora this fairness?


Almost all skin cream advertisement pharsakari found that, girl or boy, or skin color Shyamala’s very upset that he can not succeed in any case. Then he was seen using a fairness cream is very fair and market prices have increased in the workplace or a wedding. This type of advertising is to create psychological problems many different colors, as well as increasing inequality. Despite the appearance of the same talent and the same color, only to be delayed for adverse impact on the mentality of society.
What will happen to the color of the skin depends largely genetic, ethnic, and on the structure of melanin. Most of the fairness opinion daramatolajistadera skin cream using only light can be 0%. Fairness can not be over by any means. When the sun Sun block is krimagulo fairness and to prevent an increase in skin melanin.



Do not burn before the sun burns the skin and gradually decreases connotation. As a result, the skin looks a little brighter. But fairness cream man can not change the natural color of skin. Krimai structure can not change any of the fairness of skin melanin. The matter can be compared with the curly hair. Naturally curly hair is straight and Chemical curly hair grow straight again, but from the outset. Similarly, at the top of the skin fairness cream leyaratakei just a little bit brighter skin, but can not change the original rantake.