What will be the attitude of men towards women fingers!


On the basis of the physical characteristics of his personality, the future or the past is explained. Attitude of a man, his thinking or behavior patterns of their body line, birth marks or moles or mole is reflected through.


Let us know, a man’s hand will know what kind of shape at his manobhaba

1. The other index finger longer than men, they are usually jhagarute nature. They are used harsh and violent towards women. Sanginira their wife or their physical and mental torture usually are.

II. They are highly privacy-loving man whose fingertips were inflated. Many things kept secret from their spouse or partner.

3. The man’s hand index finger and ring finger length of the first and third as a kind of special quality to their voice, short ayase which they can win the hearts of women.


They are very courteous and polite associating with women, and designed to become familiar with them. The original intention was to conceal, but to women.